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The Curse of the Tuetons

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Sometimes, the myopic vision shown by people to justify their (completely deluded) points of view shock me.

I don’t know if I am the first person to point this out, but there is always this lingering feeling about, that whenever a German team makes it into the final of any competition or are generally successful there is always an accusation of it being down to ‘luck’, or that ‘this was undeserved’ etc. Which is how it starts and very soon disintegrates in mud-slinging of the highest order.

So as soon as Bayern made it into the final of the Champions League, I was expecting some useless diatribe to flow. And sure enough I was not disappointed.

Because of,


Obviously Ribery and Robben can be cute, but that aside, Bayern seem pretty turgid, really. Olic I’d describe as no more than ‘pesky’, even if he has now scored 5! goals over these last two rounds. It’s barely conceivable that either Inter or Barcelona could lose to them.


Deserving Champions league finalists??? who are u kidding? they barely got out of the group phase (thanks to a Juve meltdown) than they got through both the last 16 and the last 8 thanks to the away goal rule. what a joke. They are deserving because they are a German team with supposedly good fans? like that’s ever a criteria for being a finalist. And the other reason: Louis van gaal getting the best out of his players. Please, they got lucky (3X so far) thats it. Just because they happen to have maybe a couple of flair players does not mean we should eulogize this team as a deserving finalists

and this:

I think you’re onto something there. I can’t think of a single Bayern side that hasn’t contained 3 or 4 of the most horribly obnoxious and odious little creeps of the footballing world of their time.
That 99 side, Kahn, Jeremies, Salihami..etc, Mattheus, Effenberg, Kahn, Basler
Today, Ribery, Robben, Schwiensteiger, van Bommel

Help me out with the horrors that stitched up you lot in the 70s?

Just to drive home the point of how every Bayern and Germany success is derided here are a few examples of what I have experienced from people within the last decade.

Cases in point (within the last decade):

Bayern, CL 2001 (only Valencia in the final)
Germany, World Cup 2002 (easy side of the draw)
Germany, World Cup 2006 (home side)
Germany, Euro 2008 (only beat Portugal on the way)

[more pre 2000 German bias outlined below]

Sticking to a football theme, this time around, people seemingly point to the game against Fiorentina and say that Bayern should never have gone beyond that.

They point to Klose’s off-side goal and say that should have ruled them out of the tie.

But that is so much ignoring the facts, since Fiorentina themselves scored an offside goal, which people conveniently seem to forget when putting forward this argument.

Against Manchester, Bayern were the better team in three out of four halves. I think that should be enough to see them through. And people complaining about Rafael’s red card have no grounds whatsoever. That would have been a sending-off for any other team.

More shocking is Fergie’s branding of ‘typical Germans’ which is laughable and amazing since he can get away with saying something like that in this day and age.

At the end of the day, in a season where you have won at Turin and Lyon and beaten Manchester United and a strong Fiorentina side over two legs, it should generally be enough to see you into the later stages of a tournament.

World Cup 1954 – Beat Hungary, so they must have been doped up

Word Cup 1974 – Beat Holland, accusations that the German penalty decision was weak, never mind the fact Muller had a perfectly good goal disallowed

Bayern in 1975 – Beat Leeds, it must be dodgy, no mention of the Leeds player ending Hoeness’ career

World Cups 1982 and 1986 – Beat the beloved French, but the Germans sides of those tournaments are now seen as average

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