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Loew refutes reason…again

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So, no replacement for Christian Traesch. The Germany camp today, released a statement through coach Hansi Flick.

“No, there will not be another nomination. There are several options, though they have narrowed down a bit. Dennis Aogo has played that position as has Heiko Westermann.”

So, Germany will now go into the World Cup with just three players for the two central midfield positions; only one of whom have played this position with any regularity.

Sami Khedira is now the only ‘natural’ central midfielder in the side. Bastian Schweinsteiger has only this season been converted into a ball-playing midfielder, while Heiko Westermann intermittently fills the destructor position for Schalke.

The Germany camp seem to be relying on the versatility of their squad, hoping that the fact that various players can play multiple positions means that they will be covered in almost all positions. The worrying part is that, Loew might end up fielding a team which has most players filling up positions that is not their preferred roles. That cannot be a good sign.

What is even more shocking is the statements issuing from the camp. Flick was quoted today as saying:

“With Rene Adler, Michael Ballack and Christian Traesch there are three players who would have been in that 23-man squad. I think we have been punished enough and that all will be fine from now on,”

Almost Maradona-esque in its logic.


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May 25, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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